As Fast as Lightning - Your Quick Ship Playground Equipment at The Ready!

In a hurry to build new worlds of play adventure?
Click your fingers and your perfect playground structures will be on their way over to you at the speed of Kidstale delivery! With our wide range of Quick Ship playground equipment to choose from, time is on your side. Ready to go at the drop of a hat, we’ll have your ideal commercial playground equipment in route to your location within a week of purchase.


Fast-Track to The
Future of Fun in Your
Young Comunity

Why wait when you can build the blocks of developmental play within a week? There’s no time like the present when your kids’ imaginations are at stake. Our Quick Ship commercial playground equipment was designed and manufactured for your convenience. With your youngsters’ urgency to play in mind, we’ve worked on a diverse set of ready-to-ship structures that can be with you in no time.


What Is Quick Ship Playground Equipment?

Our Quick Ship commercial playground equipment range got its name because of the fast turnaround from the moment of purchase to the moment of arrival at your school, park, apartment complex, or religious organization.

At KidsTale, we maintain an inventory in two distribution centers. This means we’re able to provide safe, long-lasting playground equipment that’s ready to be shipped to you at low cost, and quickly too! Perfect for small or medium play spaces, QuickShips are ideal when you’ve lots on your plate and little time to work with.

The Quick Ship Series -Thought- Provoking Play in The Nick of Time!

Find the Quick Ship Playground equipment structure that best suits your outdoor space. Browse through your options and prepare to amaze your kids with the wonders of play.

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Looking to personalize play for your specific community?

There’s more to us than our Quickship playsets. Chat to an expert about your ideas or seek inspiration from our full playground equipment range. Together we can bring laughter and joy to your young community.

Why Choose Kidstale to plant young seeds of Creativity?

Installing a playground in your community has many benefits. From cognitive to social development, from sensory to physical growth – building new learning experiences through the natural flow of outdoor play is an extremely effective way to engage your youngsters’ minds.


At KidsTale, we strive to be part of something bigger. Since starting out over 25 years ago, it has never just been about designing, manufacturing, and shipping high-quality play equipment. We’re proud to be part of the educational journey of play. If you’re looking for a partner who understands what your children need; a partner who loves to see life through the eyes of your children; a partner who works hard to provide affordable, safe play for all communities large and small – if you’re looking to guide and motivate your children towards living energetic, healthy, interactive lifestyles, then we are the partner for you.

Let's work together to create educational and engaging play adventure that brings the young imaginations within your community to life


Safe and Extraordinary - The Quick Ship Commercial Playground Equipment to Wow your little ones.

Crafted with love, our Quick Ship series is made with your kids’ safety and your organizations’ satisfaction in mind. We listen to your thoughts and adhere to all North American regulations. But most importantly, we know what it takes to create long-lasting playgrounds that fit your budget and timeframe.

All our Quick Ship play products are made with the industry’s best materials. Our 3.5’’ OD aluminum support posts, steel handrails, barriers, gates, and climbers are all coated with baked-on polyester powder. Our three-dimensional plastic slides, panels, roofs, and climbers are molded with UV-resistant compounded resins that stand the test of time.
Work with KidsTale and your youngsters’ safety will be in great hands. You’ll have the perfect playground on the road within 5 business days. You’ll have the support of our designers, play experts, and customer service team. And you’ll be well on your way to crafting impactful experiences for your little rascals. So, what are you waiting for? Your playground is eager to be chosen. Your outdoor space is longing to be filled. Your youngsters’ imaginations are yearning to grow!

Pushed for time, but keen to light up the smiles on the young faces of your community?