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Play is a powerful tool for education. Work with KidsTale – one of the most innovative and creative playground equipment companies in the industry. Together we can equip your play space with powerful play structures that engage the bodies and minds of your entire community.

Are you ready to explore the hidden world of inclusive play?

Why Choose KidsTale as Your Playground Equipment Supplier?

At KidsTale, we aim to engage the ideas in the minds of your little warriors, and journey with you on the path towards educationally enriching play. Are you looking to unlock new doors of learning through your innovative outdoor vision?
Schools, parks, housing complexes, churches, and community organizations choose us as over all other commercial playground suppliers.

Why? Because we understand your youngsters’ dreams and work hard to breathe life into safe, adventurous play. Your kids’ imagination is bursting with life. Let us help you build upon their dreams and transform the way they play.


The Ins and Outs of Commercial Playground Equipment Companies

Working with the right play equipment company will help you create a custom
playground designed and manufactured with your specific needs and goals in
mind. We help our clients construct inclusive playground solutions suitable for
children of all ages and abilities. So, no matter the theme, focus, or community
you are hoping to engage – we can help you facilitate entertaining learning
adventures for your little ones.


Our Products

Build Upon the Foundations of Healthy Play with Our Unique Products.

Are you hoping to break the boundaries of traditional learning experiences? There are
no limits to the impact that play can have on your community. From improved social
interaction to advanced cognitive and physical development for all age groups, you
have the power to introduce your kids to a whole new world of growth and education.
A world full of excitement, new challenges, and bright imagination. A world that
previously only lived in the minds of your youngster nation.

  • New and Featured Products
    New and Featured Products

    Show me what’s trending in the adventurous world of play. Link Arrow

  • Playgrounds

    Explore the best play systems to encourage authentic learning. Link Arrow

  • Free Standing
    Free Standing

    Find the perfect play parts that fit into my outdoor vision. Link Arrow

  • Outdoor Fitness
    Outdoor Fitness

    Browse through my options to unite my fitness community. Link Arrow

  • Components

    Uncover the missing pieces of my playground puzzle. Link Arrow

  • Climbers

    Empower your little angels to overcome any obstacle and embrace problem-solving activities. Select from our wide range of climbers to facilitate fun and exploratory outdoor play. Link Arrow

  • Overhead Events
    Overhead Events

    Let your community of kids climb their way towards enhanced motor skills. Our unique ladders will provide healthy challenges that help your young ones develop their concentration levels and improve their core body strength. Link Arrow

  • Panels

    Build upon your kids’ creativity by hand-picking the playground components that help inspire new dimensions of play. The panels you select will become the face of your new playground. With plenty to browse through, prepare to transform your outdoor space. Link Arrow

  • Roofs & Shades
    Roofs & Shades

    Protect the playground dreams of your children by sheltering their imaginative thoughts. Not only will you provide a shield against the sun, but you’ll also be creating a secret den for their minds to go exploring in! Link Arrow

  • Slides

    Add a sense of adventure to your recreation spot, while encouraging your children to play thoughtfully. Slides are the highlight of every youngster's idea of fun. Fill your outdoor atmosphere with slides that endorse cooperation and patience, as well as strengthen balance and coordination. Link Arrow

  • Looking for more ideas and keen to browse through all our products?

    Head to our Product Page and dive into a bit of everything!

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Craft Your Own Adventures with Our Latest and Greatest Promotions.

Turn your playground vision into reality by taking play into your own hands. You have an image of what you want to create. We have the products to help make your community adventures real. From entire play structures that are all packed and ready to call your outdoor area home, to unique climbing systems that encourage cognitive and physical development – browse through our promotions, and make every moment of outdoor play truly magical.

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    Quick Ship Promotion

    Our Quick Ship Promotion is designed for those looking to bring their playground vision to life swiftly. This promotion offers a fast, efficient way to get high-quality playground equipment at a reduced cost, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and swiftly. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it expires on 31 December 2024.

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Your Guide

Unlock the Door to Your Playground Mystery.

Find the Answers to Your Biggest Questions.

There are five key elements that all innovative commercial
playground equipment companies must have: safety knowledge,
industry experience, manufacturing creativity, a child’s imagination,
and powerful customer service capabilities. Combine all this with the
desire to empower cognitive, social and physical development, and
what do you get? Our unique selection of themed play adventures,
custom-made equipment, and educational resources that help bring
your playground to life. Browse through the material below to find
the answers to your questions.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for?

    Send us a message and tell us your thoughts. Your local representative will be in touch to guide you through your playground planning process. Once you’ve got in contact, we’ll protect your personal information and do our best to answer any questions you have.

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    About Us

    Hear the tale about how we became one of the leading playground suppliers.

    At KidsTale, your dreams have always been our motivation. And your kids’ imaginations have always inspired our play creations. We care about each and every piece of the outdoor playground equipment  that forms your park, your playground , your school or your outdoor fitness area.

    More than 25 years have passed since our opening, and we’re still working hard to provide your communities with safe and creative play environments. Founded on an idea to innovate education and bring new depths of growth to children’s play, we’ve been designing and manufacturing commercial playground equipment ever since for communities all over the U.S and beyond.

    About Us
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