Inspiring Your Young Community with Creative Playground Structures

Empower your youngsters to craft new tales of adventure in your outdoor play areas. The right playground structures can create environments conducive to your children’s development. At KidsTale, we believe in the power of safe, thought-provoking play.


Are you ready to dive in and explore our play systems to find the ideal playground equipment for your growing community?

What are Playground Structures?

Play structures are the perfect link between the ideas that frame your project and the individual components that will feature in your outdoor space. When joined together, your swing set, spring rider, playground slide and other individual pieces will form a unique environment for your kids’ outdoor fun.

Our playground sets are designed with dedication, constructed with care, and delivered with diligence. We know how busy you are planning and inspiring the young minds of tomorrow. That’s why we offer a number of outdoor playgrounds all set and ready for shipping. We know what your little rascals need in order to explore new depths of creativity.

Take a Tour Through Outdoor Fun – Explore Our Different Types of Playground Equipment

Every type of playground we create is built with your kids’ safety and your project goals in mind. From themed adventures to more natural settings, we have thought of it all. Browse through our most popular products built for all kinds of play environments, no matter how big or small.

The Advantages of KidsTale’s Outdoor Adventure Playground Equipment

From the school playground to the local park; from the church backyard to the communal housing complex area; we have something suitable for every outdoor space. Architects, community workers, and passionate educators all over the U.S. choose KidsTale as their go-to playground company because we empower:


    Your kids’ development is important to us. Our in-house designers and manufacturers are experts in the art of mixing the highest quality materials with the most creative designs to boost cognitive, social, and physical growth.


    Crafted to protect the wild happiness of all your children’s play adventures, we strictly adhere to all U.S. consumer product safety commission standards. We hand-pick the best and strongest materials, are extremely detail-oriented, and ensure every piece of equipment is safe, durable, and put together with passion.


    Your children are in the crucial stages of their development. All our play solutions are built to encourage a culture of active, participative learning. Connect with the outdoors. Connect with each other. Connect with the growing minds of your little warriors.


    Every project is unique. You have specific goals to reach. You have big dreams to fulfil. Not only do we provide you with a wide range of play equipment to choose from, but we can also custom make your adventure playground to suit your particular needs.


    We have over 25 years of experience bringing the magic of innocent dreams to life. That means we know exactly what play structures and activities are most conducive to enhancing creativity in the imaginative minds of your youngsters.


    No matter the age, ability level or size of your community, at KidsTale we strongly believe that each and every member of your organization should be given the chance to explore the world of play. You name what you need, and we can make the equipment to ensure your playground succeeds!

Looking to piece together your own adventures from scratch?

Take a look at our individual commercial playground equipment range, or talk to us about your vision. Together we can custom build upon your dreams, and transform your kids’ perception of learning.