Playground Activity Panels to
Engage Growing Minds.

Create a safe and interactive environment for your community of little
rascals. Are you ready to stimulate cognitive and sensory development,
and encourage teamwork and collaboration? Add playground panels
into your outdoor activity area.


Finding the Right Outdoor
Activity Panels for Your
Vibrant Community.

Play panels are an essential part of any outdoor playground equipment.
They bring life to your kids’ adventures, and add an extra dimension to
the way they play. With so much choice to browse through, jump
straight into what you’re looking for:

3D Panels

Looking to capture your kids’ imaginations and bring their tales of adventure to life? From tic-tac-toe to buses, benches to windows – choose from our 3D panels to add new layers to the world of play.

Activity Inserts

Hoping to add a touch of fun to the way your community learns? From puzzles, maps and matching exercises, to mazes, drums, and clocks – pick from our activity selection to transform education and enhance interactive play.

Sheet Panels

Searching for the perfect way to get your kids thinking? From sign language to solar systems, today’s weather to ocean treasures – find thought-provoking sheet panels that convert science into active and engaging fun!

Theme Panels

Have a particular playground theme you’re trying to bring to life? From ship bows to windows and stores, lookout towers to pirate ship sails – browse through our theme panels to find the perfect fit for your commercial playground.

Most Popular Panels

Need some help transforming your ideas into reality? Choose from a hand-picked selection of our favourite playground panels to help you piece together the parts of your perfect outdoor play space.
Fancy browsing through our entire selection of outdoor activity panels?

KidsTale Play
Panels – All
You Need to


What are Playground Panels?

Playground panels are interactive boards, often referred to as learning walls. They bridge the gap between safety and fun. Place them at different points within your playground to provide the best mixture of physical and cognitive activities. A play panel will provide a window of opportunity for your kids’ imagination.

What are the benefits of
KidsTales’ Playground Parts?

Building a playground is like bringing life to your kids’ dreams. Our panels offer a number of benefits for your community. Not only can the right activity panel encourage active learning, but it can also enhance the development of key sensory skills. Children of all ages and abilities will embrace active learning and begin to associate education with fun.

Use our playground activity panels to create a safer play environment, while also strengthening cooperation and patience in your young community. While your children wait their turn to engage their minds as they play, you can relax knowing your kids are protected by the walls of interactive learning.


How safe are our play systems?

Your childrens’ safety is our number one priority. All our playground parts are designed, built and delivered by our professional team of playground experts . Every panel we produce is sourced from the highest-quality composite plastic resin. Many of our panel products are also built from environmentally friendly high-molecular carbon fiber materials that stand the test of time.


Exceeding all quality standards, our dedicated team of manufacturers use virgin compounded resins that feature greater UV breakdown resistance than dry blended resins. To top it all off, when we’re done building upon your playground dreams, we do all we can to protect them. Each and every panel is carefully wrapped in a recyclable cotton blanket. We do this because at KidsTale, we care about your vision. Our playground company  was built on a passion to enable safe play. So we strive to ensure that the pieces of your playground puzzle will make it to you without a scratch.


Who will gain the most out of our creative play panelling?

You will! With almost 100 playground activity panels to choose from, there isn’t an audience we haven’t thought of. Whether your playground project is for a school, a church, a housing complex or any other kind of community organization – we’ve got heaps of choice for you! Whether you’re looking to engage toddlers or teenagers, we have a diverse selection of panelling for you to browse through. Whatever your kids’ abilities, no matter your theme, we can help breathe life into your playground dream!


Ready to take the next step towards your community’s perfect playground?