Building Healthy Habits in Your Community with Q Fitness Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor exercise just got a lot more fun! With the right outdoor fitness equipment, you can channel your community’s energy and strengthen their discipline, perseverance, and fitness levels. You can also instill healthy habits in the lives of adolescents and adults of all ages by encouraging physical activity that’s action-packed with adventure.


Are you ready to keep your community as fit as fiddles while they enjoy their daily dose of fresh air? We can help you unite outdoor fitness with fun!

What is Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Outdoor gym fitness equipment is built to empower energetic souls of all ages and abilities to engage in outdoor workout routines. From parallel bars to balance beams, from rowing machines to general workout equipment, our wide range of adult fitness structures have it all!


As your community’s leaders, you have the opportunity to set an example and use your voice to encourage healthy living. Teach your people about the value of physical exercise, and you can impact their physical and psychological wellbeing. There’s no better way to show the benefits of regular exercise than by providing practical and engaging activities that allow for exploration and self-discovery. Demonstrating the fun side of fitness to your community will help you encourage discipline, strength, and teamwork for adults, young and old.

Outdoor Fitness Playground Equipment – Where Fitness Meets Fun

Your community’s health and wellness is our greatest concern. Mixing the best parts of outdoor adventure with the safest parts of fitness, we’ve designed and built a wide range of fitness playground structures for all members of society. We’ve got something for everyone. Browse through our exercise equipment and get ready to make a positive impact on your local community.

Ready to create multi-generational outdoor fun, fit for all the community?

Get selecting the pieces of fitness equipment that will inspire minds young and old to keep fit, stay healthy, and never stop having fun!

Why Choose KidsTale’s Outdoor Gym Fitness Equipment?

Organizations all over North America turn to KidsTale to encourage their entire community to fall in love with physical fitness. From high schools to local park districts, from housing complex associations to religious organizations; communities large and small are using Q fitness outdoor fitness equipment to instill healthy habits for everyone.


Perhaps you’re looking for outdoor exercise equipment to transform your playground area. Or maybe you’re searching for fitness systems for teenagers and adults alike to embrace outdoor exercise together. Whatever your objectives, we can tailor-make the structures for your outdoor space and bring your vision to life. Here’s why others choose KidsTale:


    We value your community’s health and wellbeing. Keeping active is a brilliant way to boost brain power, increase physical strength, and positively channel your community’s energy. We build all our equipement with your vision and needs in mind.


    We fuse creativity, wellness, and safety together to make strong, fully compliant fitness structures. We follow North American safety regulations and choose the most durable, weather-resistant materials to build upon your dreams.


    Your community needs to be challenged every now and then. Our outdoor fitness playground equipment is built to facilitate cooperative workouts. Facing their fitness partners as they workout, the members of your community can learn together, deepen their connection with their peers, and test their own strength as they train.


    Looking to combine fitness and play equipment to create the best of both worlds? At KidsTale your opinion matters. We’ll listen to your thoughts, and offer expert guidance. Together we can build a fitness playground from scratch, or add the missing pieces to your existing outdoor area.


    Creativity is in our blood. As fitness advocates ourselves, we know the secret recipe to inspiring productive full-body workout experiences. Fitness doesn’t have to be a bore. With 25+ years of experience crafting play structures, we can help you bring out the fun in staying healthy


    Adults of all ages, shapes, and abilities can benefit from outdoor fitness equipment. We can design your outdoor space to cater to all members of your community. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we can turn your vision into a fitness reality

Looking for a little extra guidance?

Contact your local fitness guru to discuss your ideas in more detail. Together, we can build the foundations of fun while nurturing active, healthy habits for all!