Climb to the Top of Your
Imagination with Creative
Playground Climbing Equipment

Climbing is a natural, stimulating part of playground adventure. Add the right playground climbing equipment into your outdoor space and your little rascals will find their feet through physically and mentally engaging play. With every movement they make, every foot hole they conquer, every climbing net they overcome, they are developing key motor skills, building up body strength, and becoming more aware of their capabilities and surroundings.


From net climbers to climbing walls, from dome climbers to rock climbers, at KidsTale all our climbing structures are built with safety, longevity, and creativity in mind. Suitable for kids of all ages and abilities, our playground design and quality experts work hard to create unique and playful climbers that engage the colorful imaginations of the youngest minds.


We build all our playground equipment to the highest-quality North American standards.

Great for connecting the pieces of your commercial playground together, playground climbing equipment can be used to enrich the play experience and interlink your play structures with one another. Many schools, religious groups, and community organizations use playground structures to help unite playground slides with monkey bars and other play equipment. Empower your kids to write hearty stories of adventure. Dive into our playground climbing structures and get ready to design the climbing playground you’re looking for.

Are you ready to give your youngsters the chance to embark on new challenges that provoke critical thinking, encourage problem-solving, and increase coordination, flexibility, and communication skills?

Chat to your local playground expert today to get things in motion.

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