Channelling Energy through Play at Clanton Elementary

Supported by the state of Alabama, Clanton Elementary was determined to lead the way towards active, engaging learning experiences for their pre-K students. With great ideas in mind, they hoped to build a custom playground that would lead to grand adventures in a relatively small space.

Maintaining Focus Through Active-Learning

Clanton Elementary was not going to let the size of their play area get in their way! On a mission to connect the playground environment with the art of learning, this pre-K school set out to build an atmosphere that would spark their kids’ curiosity! They aimed to keep their students moving, encourage self-expression and equip their little ones with the tools they would need to recharge, reset, and focus when in class. After chatting to several playground equipment companies, they chose KidsTale as their partner in play!

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The Outcome

Inspired by our Minimo play series, we combined climbing with sliding, music making with crawling, and included all the ingredients of safe preschool adventure. Conscious of the negative impact of too much exposure to harmful UV rays, Clanton Elementary was keen to implement a cooler solution to outdoor play! Integrating sleek shade roofs, their youngsters can now play away to their heart’s content whatever the weather. Toddlers are natural explorers. So, we made sure to integrate both elevated and ground level structures that would be suitable for all their children from 2-5 years old. Mixing healthy challenges with sensory experiences, there is now something special for every student to enjoy.
Compact, colorful, and energy-boosting, the kids at Clanton have fallen in love with their new playground. To this day, we still work hand-in-hand with the school to craft fierce play adventures and keep their kids focused while they learn.

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