Let’s Face the Music and Play!

Music is a powerful tool in any playground space. It can unite dreams, encourage cooperative play, and add extra layers of fun to your outdoor area. So, if you’re looking to spark creativity, stimulate imaginations, and capture attention, musical equipment is the way forward. At KidsTale, all our musical instruments are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. We use the highest quality materials to ensure every piece of your play dream is bursting with vibrant energy for years to come. Pop a rainbow xylophone or some bright bongo drums into your playground and watch as your kids learn to play away the day in harmony.


Ready to turn your kids into natural music makers? Choose from our selection of instruments to conduct sweet melodies of play adventure!

Dance to the tune of your children’s laughter.
Move to the rhythm of creative expression.
And partner with KidsTale to build upon your
playground dreams from the ground up.

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