Whizz Towards The Ultimate Quest
of Fun with A Standalone Slide

In the eyes of your little ones, an outdoor playground could hardly be called a playground at all, unless you have a standalone slide. Why? Because they’re designed to engage young minds, and transport kids of all ages from one magical moment of play to the next.


Often becoming the heart and soul of an infant playground, these adrenaline-boosting structures have the ability to transform your commercial playground into a hub of dynamic, strength-building, social-boosting fun.


At KidsTale, we construct the foundations of play memories for communities all over
North America.

From schools to religious organizations, from housing complexes to local community groups, we’re here to help you turn young dreams into reality in the shape of children’s slides, swing sets, and much more! No matter how big or small, light or dark, grand or modest you want your outdoor slide to be, we have the freestanding playground slide to meet your needs. Built to whoosh your kids in the direction of wonder and joy, choose from our selection of standalone slides to set the bright imaginations of your youngsters whizzing into action.

Picking Out Your Freestanding Playground Slide

Although we craft life into all types of playground equipment , our unique range of freestanding slides are built with adaptability in mind. Choose to bring fresh ideas of fun to your existing play space, or select the pieces of play that will turn your new playground idea into reality. Whatever your motivation, start browsing now to find the perfect playground slide and whoosh your dreams into motion.

Flower Flower

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact your local play guru today and we’ll walk you through your options. From long slides to slides both large and small, we build all our freestanding play equipment with care. Designed and manufactured with passion, every piece of play is constructed in our North American factory. So, if you’re looking to customize your play area to fit your specific vision, we can help you with that too. With time-tested techniques, weather-resistant materials, and creative minds on the case, your kids’ safety and happiness will be in the best hands.


Simply get in touch with our customer service department. Before you know it, your kids will be climbing their way up the standalone slides you choose and whizzing towards excitement.

Ready to take the next step and watch as your kids slide their way into noble tales of active learning?