Turning Heads in Eagle City

When the residents of Eagle City were getting tired of seeing that same old and tattered playground, the local government decided to take action. With plenty of space to work with, they were hoping to transform the Stephen C. Guerber Park into a lively, eye-catching area where all residents would feel at home.

Thinking Big at Stephen C. Guerber Park

Eagle City were keen to show their community the value of collaborative play. Deciding to revamp their existing playground, they hoped to encourage their local citizens to engage in more outdoor activities. When they began searching for a reliable and affordable playground equipment company, they had three main goals:


  • To create an inclusive play area for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy
  • To capture the attention of entire families, driving more visitors to their local park
  • To complement the theme of their outdoor space and fill their large area with fun

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The Outcome

Combining elements of our Nexus play series with our Maximo playground structures, the Stephen C. Guerber Park keeps kids moving. With a mixture of high and low play systems, there is something for children of all ages to enjoy. Removing the old and dated playground that occupied the space, we splashed color and energy into the seams of this local park. The vibrant reds, yellows, greens and blues mix delightfully together to capture the community’s curiosity. Connecting grand structures such as the twirly tube slide with nimble activities like monkey bars and climbers, this park flows from one adventure to the next. Bridges, stepping stones and ramps meander like a river throughout the space. And with shade covers to hide behind, the kids of Eagle city can find secret hideouts away from the direct rays of the sun.


Grand, energetic, and a whirlwind of adventure, the Stephen C. Guerber Park is now touching the hearts of youngsters and whole families throughout the city of Eagle.

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