Taking Imaginations for a Spin at James River Church

When James River Church decided to take inside play dreams to the great outdoors, they started looking for a playground equipment partner who could capture their vision. With creative plans in mind, they were hoping to equip their little youngsters with the tools for outdoor adventure

Turning Great Ideas into Playground Realit

James River Church wanted to open their new preschool in style. They were on a mission to inspire their kids into action and encourage their toddlers to fall in love with learning. So, they set out to match their indoor facilities with an outdoor play space built on innovative dreams. Repurposing a part of their parking lot, they sectioned out the perfect area to fill with playground adventure. With the new space at the ready, they then began weighing up their options to find the ideal partner. After reviewing several companies, they chose KidsTale not only because of our affordable, unique solutions, but because our designers were able to capture their vision and put their ideas to paper.

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The Outcome

Tailoring the designs to our client’s specific needs, we combined pieces of our Minimo playground range with parts of our Toddler Town play series. Sparking the imagination, we customized poured-in-place rubber to add a touch of color and energy to their play environment. And complementing the vibrant play accessories with a custom road and river, we crafted a miniature play city in the heart of their parking lot. With slides side by side, the James River Church community can now whizz down the road of adventure with their best friends by their side. And with tunnels and bridges, panels and spring riders, and all the best parts of play mixed together, maximum fun is on the cards for all.

Colorful, creative, and built to turn the wildest play dreams into reality, this outdoor playground is helping the youngsters of James River Church to associate education with the spirit of play!

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