Hunting for Safe Adventure at Caven
Ridge Estates

When Caven Ridge Estates was undergoing development, they were hoping to fill every corner of their housing complex with a sense of community spirit and adventure. With ideas for all the family in mind, they started looking for the right play equipment partner to help build upon their dreams.

A Splash of Natural Fun to Inspire Communal Play

The housing committee at Caven Ridge Estates knew that a unique and inviting playground in their outdoor communal space would attract more young families to the area. Hoping to customize their play space to meet their future residents’ expectations, they hit the web in search of a company with similar vision. After researching several options, the members of Caven Ridge Estates opted for KidsTale. They chose us for two main reasons. One – our prices are affordable, but the quality of our solutions is extremely high. Two – our creative and manufacturing teams know how to transform all the best parts of play into unique playground memories.

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The Outcome

The Caven Ridge playground was inspired by our Minimo play series. Customized to fit the needs of our clients and their unique space, we manufactured every piece of their play dream in our North American factory. Neutral colors and sturdy frames make this playground perfect for children of all ages. Combining the twist and turn of a spiral slide, with the strength and focus of monkey bars, this compact play area holds the key to grand adventures. Presenting a touch of healthy challenge, features like the pod climber, along with engaging bubble panels compliment the main play system and ensure that every inch of play is stimulating and fun for all.


Jam-packed with thrilling adventure, the Caven Ridge playground is enjoyed by children of all abilities. Helping encourage young families to join this budding community, the playground has now become a space for friendly neighbours to share a moment and connect.

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