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Let your little pirates roam the seas of their imaginations. With our variety of unique ship playground equipment sets to choose from, the world of play will be your oyster.


Browse through our boat-themed playground options, and prepare your youngsters to travel the seven seas from the safety of your outdoor play area.


Finding the Right Ship
Playground Set for
Your Community

Run a tight ship while still embracing the energetic dreams of your youngsters. From schools to religious organizations, from architects to community planners, the pirate ship playground is a popular choice for all – and it’s no surprise as to why. Themed play inspires learning, endorses creativity, and invites real adventure to your outdoor space.


What Is Ship Playground Equipment?

A ship playground set is built to bring extra dimensions of fun to traditional play systems. With ship hole and bow panels, long taper sails, lookout towers, spiral slides, and much more, our unique range of park playground equipment will bring out the inner pirates within your community! Paint a new picture of adventure and prepare your youngsters to salute their favourite captain from the decks of their new ship.


Explore the Oceans of Choice

Select your ideal boat-themed playground and get ready to transform the nature of play for your growing youngsters.

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Why Voyage with KidsTale to Create Boat-Themed Playground Adventures?

Every playground we build tells its own tale. We believe in more than simply providing safe and high-quality structures. We believe in the power of creative learning. We believe that constructing inspirational equipment at low prices will help build the foundations of fun for young kids all over the U.S.


People turn to us not just to buy an affordable playground, but to transform their youngsters’ understanding of learning. With over 25 years of experience meeting the expectations of little souls with big dreams, we know what your kids want, and what you as leaders need to inspire cognitive, social, and physical growth.

Partner with KidsTale to shape the future of your kids’ play experiences.


Building Your Trust Through Our Safe Pirate Ship Playground Structures

There’s a reason why we can provide unique playground equipment with fast shipping, high-quality materials, and affordable prices. We have our own factory and build every piece of the ship playground equipment we sell. What does that mean for you? It means your kids’ safety is taken seriously. From design to production, from coating and finishing to packing and shipping – at every step of the way, we meet all North American playground standards and have your youngster’s safety and imagination in mind.


When you have KidsTale on your side, building secure and creative play moments becomes plain sailing. We know that you are looking to buy a durable, safe playset that will last for years to come. That’s why we put our heart and soul into creating the best solutions on the market. All our ship play equipment is made from the very best materials. We use polyester powder-coated steel and aluminium to build the posts, rails, and gates of your play area. And we mold UV-resistant virgin compounded resins into the slides, roofs, climbers, and panels that become part of your little pirates’ adventures.

We don’t just want you to buy an affordable commercial solution to bring outdoor adventures to life. We want to work together to make your kids’ play dreams a reality.

Time to Answer Your Unanswered Questions!

In a rush and on a budget?

No worries. We have quick ship options at the ready! So, not only can you find great prices and get fast delivery, but we’ll also ensure the shipping of each playground is arranged with lightning speed.

Looking for a bargain?

Whether you’re searching for pirate-friendly playground slides for sale to accompany your existing playground, or whether you’re hoping to build your ship play area from scratch – chat with your local play expert and we’ll find you the best deal. You can also take a look at the products we have on sale at low prices by heading straight to our latest and greatest promotions.

Need to replace a part in your existing pirate ship playground?

Buy a durable, safe replacement for any missing part you need. Contact us to let us know what you’re looking for, or check out our individual components here.

Not quite sure what’s best for your outdoor space?

Talk to us about your project ideas. We’ll walk you through your best options, and will provide you with much more than a few free quotes. Of course, we’ll run you through our prices and fast shipping options, but we’ll also listen to your vision and give you useful advice.