Sway to the Rhythm of Your Kids’ Imaginations with Commercial
Playground Swings

A playground without a swing is like a school without children! If you’re looking to fill your youngsters’ minds with hours of happiness, choose your play equipment wisely and they’ll be swinging towards adventure in no time! Commercial playground swings form the centerpiece of many outdoor spaces. The question is…


Are you ready to transform your play area and watch your kids whoosh through the air with joy?


Terrific Tales
of Adventure

Whether you’re looking to build up your commercial

playground piece by piece, or you’re hoping to give

your existing park, playground or outdoor area a

makeover, KidsTale is here to help!


What are playground swings?

Commercial playground swing sets provide the perfect balance between safety and energy-boosting fun. Built with sturdy 3.5” OD galvanized steel and aluminum support posts that are powder-coated for protection against the elements, your children will safely swing to their heart’s content for years to come.


Empower your kids to jump aboard the swing of joy and fly high into the sky while you sit back and watch them enjoy their playtime adventures.

Empower Youngsters with Stimulating and Therapeutical Play. Your Commercial Grade Swing Set Awaits You.

Feel the wind on your face as the breeze of trouble-free play hits you. From belt swings to tire swings, swing seats to complete commercial-grade swing sets – at KidsTale, our unique freestanding swing playground equipment brings out the best of play. Get browsing now to find the right swing pieces to complement your outdoor area.

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Like what you see and on the hunt for other high-quality playground equipment to accompany your shiny new metal swing set?

Check out our freestanding play structures, other play components, or our ready-to-go playground sets to unlock new journeys.

How Can KidsTale Help You Fly High with Swing Playground Equipment?

We’ve been in the industry of making kids smile for over 25 years. Not only do we build top-notch playground structures that stand the test of time, but we know how to create experiences that help your kids develop key life skills. Whether in school playgrounds or local park communities, when crafted with care, swinging can become a powerful activity in any outdoor environment.


Work with us and we’ll help you find the perfect commercial-grade swing for your kids, no matter their age, ability, or the size of your outdoor space. Choose from our safe, colorful, long-lasting swings, and watch as your youngsters develop key motor skills, improve their balance, coordination, and focus, as well as increase spatial and body awareness.

Let’s work together to sugar-coat learning with interactive layers of play.


Swing Safely from the Top Tower of Your Imagination

Stimulate the senses by swinging from one play dream to the next without worrying about safety. At KidsTale, we build all our play equipment, including commercial playground swings from our own factory. We use only the safest, time-tested materials; build with the industry’s best heavy-duty machinery; hire the top play experts; and follow all North American regulations. In other words, you and your young community are in safe and experienced hands!


And that’s not all! There’s more to us than commercial swing sets. We can work with you right from day one if you need help planning your dream playground. Our designers and play experts are close by to listen to your ideas and work with you to uncover just what you’re looking for.


Are you ready to revolutionize the play experience for your local community?

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