Spring Creativity to Life
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Playground Spring Riders

Bounce back and forth between your children’s imaginations by adding
a touch of timeless adventure in the form of playground spring riders.
Looking for the perfect addition to your unique commercial playground?
Work with us to find colorful, classic spring rider toys.


Are you ready to BOING new levels of energy into your outdoor community area?


Hop, Skip and Bounce to

Another Level of Fun

Add a touch of classic playground tradition to your outdoor space. Schools, religious organizations, housing complex committees, and other local community groups choose playground spring rider toys and other seesaw playground equipment, because they are the best recipe for fun on a spring!


What are Playground
Spring Rider Toys?

Since the first of the playground spring riders was created back in the 70s, these uniquely springy play structures have now become a must-have for outdoor playgrounds around the world! Built with time-tested metal springs, as well as colorfully creative, comfy, and safe materials for your kids to park themselves onto, pop a nifty rider or two into your play space, and you’re bound to create a lifetime of magical memories.


One of the favorites in most communities, these freestanding playground structures can be fitted into any play area, no matter the shape or size.

Jump Aboard the Bouncy Ride of Choice

Park your farm truck rider next to a climbing wall, place your four-way seesaw right beside your slide, swing set, or activity panel, or perch your rhino rider in front of your arch crawl tunnel. Wherever you choose to put your seesaw or spring rider, we’ll help you find the right theme to match your play vision. Ready to encourage your kids to bounce their way from one educationally stimulating activity to the next?

Flower Lines
Looking for other playground equipment to turn your community vision into reality?

There’s more to us than playground spring riders. From centerpieces like exciting playground slides to finishing touches like integral climbing holds, and key structural pieces like sturdy joist hangers – at KidsTale, we design and manufacture every piece of outdoor play.

Why Choose KidsTale as Your SeeSaw Playground Equipment Partner?

At KidsTale, we understand exactly what it’s like trying to fulfill the biggest dreams of your littlest ones, while also keeping them safe and keen to learn along the way. Organizations of all shapes and sizes turn to us because we deeply care about their kids’ happiness and safety.


What’s our secret? We combine our vast knowledge and industry expertise with excellent customer service. Add a pinch of motherly love for what we do, and hey presto, playgrounds all across North America are brought to life, not just with affordable, creative, and durable materials, but also with passion, vision, and the almost endless imagination of a child.

Find just what you’re looking for. Build a bright future where young dreams are set free in the safety of your play area.


A Spoonful of Creativity to Spark Your Kids’ Imaginations into Action

Keeping your kids creative while they learn helps drive focus, increase concentration, and teach key life skills with dynamic vitality. With the right playground spring riders in your play area, your children will not only love springing back and forth to the rhythm of adventure, but they will also improve their balance, gain more self-awareness, and enhance their hand-eye coordination. Seesaws are also brilliant for building key communication skills. Your little rascals will soon learn to cooperate with their young peers, take turns, and work as a team to keep up the momentum of the moment.

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