Take Your Imaginations for A Spin
With Unique Merry-Go-Round
Playground Equipment

There’s a reason merry-go-round playground equipment holds a special place in most young hearts. This classic piece of play has been around for centuries. Spinning into a frenzy of fun, your youngsters can challenge their senses and whirl towards stronger friendships, while increasing body strength and coordination along the way.


Are you ready to turn your play area into a magical swirl of adventure?


Whirl and Twirl to the Speed of Laughter

Our KidsTale merry-go-round equipment is spun into life with your youngsters’ safety and wellbeing at the forefront of all our design and manufacturing decisions. If you’re looking to bring a touch of classic into your park, community play area, housing complex, school playground or religious center, you’re in the right hands.






Not only are all our merry-go-round playground structures built to stimulate creativity and boost physical, cognitive, and social development. We also comply strictly with all North America regulations, so your kids can play safely, at a speed that will excite, without igniting danger.

The Classic Merry-Go-Round Playground System With a Modern Twist

From individual ball spinners to teeter totters; from themed spinners to group carousels; all our children’s merry go rounds for sale are as secure as they are colorful, as sturdy as they are exciting, as long-lasting as they are inspiring. Take a peek at a handful of our latest and greatest merry-go-round playground equipment and start whizzing towards educationally stimulating, strength-enhancing play.

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Matching Your Merry-Go-Round Equipment
With Your Kids’ Imaginations

Inspired by a particular merry-go-round for sale, but looking to customize it for your play space? Get in touch

with our customer service department to discuss your ideas in more detail. We can work with you to build an

environment that your kids love, and your community cherishes for years to come.


Building your outdoor area from scratch? We design, manufacture and ship all kinds of playground equipment

to every corner of North America. From stand-alone pieces to complete playground designs, we’ve plenty for

you to choose from. Let’s take your ideas for a spin and breathe life into your kids’ dreams!

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