Crawl into Unknown Worlds of
Adventure with Playground Tubes
and Tunnels

Spark your kids’ imagination and transform the way they learn by making your commercial playground a dynamic center of creative inspiration. Ready to see your youngsters crawling or scooting their way towards interactive, socially stimulating play experiences? Add the right playground tubes and tunnels to connect one playground structure to the next, and your little ones will soon lose themselves in the mysterious world of outdoor adventure.


Connecting Dreams With the Right Playground Tunnel

KidsTale tunnels are designed to facilitate collaborative, memorable play. Whether you’re looking to unite the playground equipment in your outdoor area in a unique and creative way; or you’re simply hoping to add variety and encourage your kids to explore their inner imaginations, playground tubes and tunnels offer the perfect solution.


Schools, parks, housing complex committees and religious organizations work with KidsTale to turn their playground design dreams into reality. Every plastic tunnel for playground spaces that we make is designed and crafted into life using high-quality, time-tested materials that encourage strength, creativity, empathy, courage, and the development of key motor skills.

Select the Ideal Plastic Tunnel For Your Playground

From an arch crawl tunnel, to a tunnel curved into the shape of your play vision; from see-through tunnel and tubes, to nature-themed playground tubes; whatever you’re looking for, we can bring it to life. Get exploring your tunnel options now and you’ll soon be connecting the pieces of equipment in your creative play puzzle.

Flower Lines
Ready to strengthen gross motor skills, improve coordination, and increase spatial and body awareness? Choose the playground tunnel that best fits your outdoor space, or share your vision with us to create your own tunnel, tube, or themed play equipment from scratch.

Contact our customer service team today. Start working with KidsTale tomorrow. Together we can inspire the arms and legs, minds and hearts, bodies and souls of your little youngsters, and empower growth through active, exploratory play.