Protecting Your Kids’ Outdoor
Adventures with Playground Roof
and Shade Structures

Empower your little ones to enjoy the full benefits of outdoor playtime without worrying about their safety under the sun! With the right playground roof and shade structures, your kids can play away the day, cool and UV-free! And it’s not just your kids that will benefit either. When your play systems are colorfully covered with high-quality weather-resistant materials, they are guaranteed to last for longer too. So, add a splash of color to your playground and top your structures off in style by complementing each piece of play with a unique roof or shade component.


From pine cone roofing to castle tops, from large shade covers to leafy-themed shelters, we’ve plenty of choice for your play area. Combine colors, match themes, or create customized shade components, tailor-made to protect your children’s dreams. Dive into our roof and shade options to find the perfect fit for your local community space.

Ready to watch your youngsters embark on safe outdoor adventures that last longer?

Contact your local play guru and start transforming your school, day-care center, park, religious group, or community organization.

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