Piece Together Your Play Dream
with Unique Nexus Playground

Looking to paint creative memories in the minds of your youngsters? Customize your Nexus playground to your specific needs by selecting the individual pieces of play that you would like to feature in your unique space. Working with our design and play experts, you can mold the flow of play to fit your exact vision while connecting your growing youngsters to the excitement of outdoor activity.


Low to the ground, curvy, and dynamic, when joined together, these individual Nexus components have the power to engage and inspire your kids into action! From climbers to monkey bars, bridges to spinners, and slides, you can handpick the pieces that will form your Nexus playground.


Built for quirky spaces and big dreams; schools, local community groups, housing complexes, and religious organizations all over North America turn to our unique Nexus playgrounds to channel their children’s energy through engaging play experiences.

Affordable, safe, and highly beneficial, the Nexus range has been designed by the greatest minds of the playground world to bring out the best in your kids. Crafted with care, we manufacture all Nexus components from within the KidsTale factory and comply with all play regulations to ensure your kids can play uninterrupted for hours on end. Encourage your kids to rise to the Nexus challenge. Choose one of our ready-built Nexus outdoor playgrounds or browse through the individual components on this page to construct your own customized world of adventure.

Ready to connect the dots between your children and the art of imaginative play?

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