Playground Post Toppers – The
Secret Ingredient to Empower
Imaginative Play

A playground truly comes to life when your youngsters’ smiles brighten up the space around them. Put the finishing touches on your play structures and those grins are bound to magnify. You want to craft a unique area that sparks creativity and lets your kids’ imaginations loose in a safe, education-inducing environment.


At KidsTale, we know how to make that happen. Complying with all North American play equipment regulations, every component that we design, manufacture, and ship is built with the utmost safety, the highest quality, and the longest-lasting materials.


Choose us as your playground partner and we’ll work together to ensure
your little ones’ dreams are brought to life, not just this year or next, but for
years and years to come.

From themed pirate ship toppers to leafy accessories, from monkey toppers to friendly flowers, we’ll show you the endless possibilities of playground personalization. Looking to add a spice of character into the core of colorful play? You’re in the right place! Take a closer look at our play post toppers and get writing new tales of adventure for your little rascals.

Step into new worlds of creativity.

Journey with your youngsters along the rollercoaster ride of imaginative play by adding a drop of charisma into your community’s playground.

Flower Flower